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Save up to 50% Investment– and operation cost with our

Nitrogen– and Oxygen-generators

We are also supplier for good value

¨ vacuum furnaces, horizontal and vertical

¨ Continuous furnaces

¨ Powder compacting and sizing press

Good value and

PSA Nitrogen generator

And VPSA Oxygen generator

The economical and ecological solution.

¨ Lowest investment cost

¨ Lower operation cost

¨ Less maintenance

¨ Low consumption mode

¨ Short-time-amortization

¨ Shorter regeneration

¨ Less compressed air

¨ Less space

¨ Less logistic

¨ Short start-up time

¨ Higher flexibility

¨ High reliability

¨ High purity

¨ High efficiency

¨ Higher profit

¨ Higher independence

¨ High quality components

¨ High life-time

¨ High reference number

¨ Fully automatic

Amortisation within months even
at low consumption of 20 Nm³/h

Nitrogen generator with control system